Upcoming shows:

February 28th – Eschschloraque Rümschrümp, Berlin

March 8th – WHO’S THAT GIRL #3, in einer Bucht


Past shows 2018:

December 15th – Gate of Tehran, Silent Green, Berlin

October 13th – GLOW East edition, ACUD, Berlin

August 30th – PRIZM:Berlin @Klunkerkranich

August 12th – Live at Radio Fritz, Hotel Bikini, Berlin

August 11th – Wilde Möhre Festival (DE)

July 26th  – Gin & Genius, Kompetenzzentrum / Berlin

July 13th –  Jazz festival, Copenhagen, Denmark

July 12th – @Kimia, Copenhagen, Denmark

Juni 28th – “Wilde Möhre Session at Kater in Concert”, Berlin

June 22nd – LIVE STREAM release concert 9pm // Who’s That Girl


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