photographer Tanja Schmoller


uon is antagonistic synth pop with a dark electronic vein, influenced by the club scene in Berlin, where the band is based. Tightly constructed beats and Anna Sharifi’s insistent, vulnerable voice makes up the core of a powerful and raw sound universe, where organic organ and instrumental improvisation by Nina Branner give the musical expression its own character and soul. The live act explores the space between techno, indie and post-dubstep and adds to it an oriental twist and soulful warmth.
“The band doesn’t chase easy solutions or empty hooks but, on the contrary, content: Good songs and exiting productions,” the music magazine GAFFA wrote about the music.

“Our musical ‘vision’ with uon is to create an atmosphere of melodic melody lines, analog synthesizers, deep bass, electronic beats and vocal layers, which invites our listeners to meet in a space beyond differences. Depending on where we perform and what type of performance it is, we build up our sets differently. In the club-setting for example, we try to merge several songs to create this electronic live-act-experience, where people can just let go into the music and dance.”


photographer: Tanja Schmoller


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